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Natural bug repelants

consider using plants that naturally repel insects. These plants have their own chemical defense systems, and when planted among flowers and vegetables, they help keep unwanted insects away. Some of these are: Ants – mint, tansy, pennyroyalAphids – mint, garlic, chives, coriander, aniseMice – onionSquash Bug – radish, marigolds, tansy,

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Tax Tips for 2009

The Earned Income Tax Credit is for people who work, but have lower incomes. Here are some things you may not know about the EITC. 1. A quarter of all taxpayers that qualify don’t claim the credit. The Earned Income Tax Credit is money you can use to make a difference

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Reusing Large Pet Food Bags

If you buy 50-pound bags of food for your dog or cat, don’t throw out the bags when they are empty. Reuse them to hold pruned limbs and branches or rose bush trimmings.