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A cat stratching post

find a big piece of wood that has been chopped fabic such as carpet or old clothes staples gun cut fabic that will fit on the wood post and staples the fabic onto wood put on many fabic as you want . this will make a good statching post for

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Cat litter

To keep the cat litter from smelling bad use baking soda and sprinkle that on to the litter. Also another thing to save money to buy cat litter use dirt.

Dog Urine

General Information:Urine should be cleaned up using the Water Based Stains Cleaning Method. Tools & chemicals:Neutral pH low residue spotter, terry towels, water. Technique:Using a terry towel, soak or blot as much of the urine as possible. If the stain is fresh most of the urine can be soaked up

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Hamster’s Cage

Tools & Techniques: Animal safe cleaner,newpaper,cleaning rags General Info: A dirty cage brings more potentail for infection and sickness for your Hamster as bacteria grows freely in a dirty wet environment. SOME TIPS FOR PROPER CAGE MAINTENANCE: 1. Clean the cage floor twice a week by removing the litter and

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