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Make a Pantry

Even if you don’t have a huge kitchen you can still have¬†¬† pantry. Look around your house. Do you have a basement, garage or even a closet? Decide on a place and use it! Hang more shelves if you need. But use it for when the bulk items at the

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Shopping All In One Go

Coordinate your shopping trips–make one trip to three or four stores at the same time rather than three or four separate trips. This not only saves time, it means less time in stressful traffic.

Keeping Your Tableclothes Wrinkle Free

Be sure to save your cardboard tubes from wrapping paper. After you iron your tablecloth, lay it out flat or fold neatly to fit your tube. Roll the table cloth up onto the tubing then place it in a drawer. It saves you from having harsh hanger marks.