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Keeping Your Tableclothes Wrinkle Free

Be sure to save your cardboard tubes from wrapping paper. After you iron your tablecloth, lay it out flat or fold neatly to fit your tube. Roll the table cloth up onto the tubing then place it in a drawer. It saves you from having harsh hanger marks.

If You Lend Tools

You can make certain your neighbor or friend returns loaned gardening or workshop tools simply by painting your initials on them. It will remind the borrower every time he or she uses them!

Stopping Painting Drips

Painting an area where the paintbrush will need to be extended over your head? You can prevent paint splatters from hitting you by poking a hole, the size of the paintbrush handle, in a large plastic coffee can lid. Push paintbrush handle through it with the rim side up to

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No Slip Wading Pool

These are such fun on a hot summer day, but when filled with water the bottom can become slippery and cause your little ones to fall. To prevent this, add several bathtub appliqu├ęs to the bottom of the pool