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Pasta Lighter

When your candles are burning too low to reach the wick, there’s no reason to go without your favorite smell. Instead of burning your fingers, light a piece of uncooked spaghetti. It can reach into those deep candles.

Killing fire ants

To get rid of fire ants around the house, simply sprinkle regular grits on and around the mound. This is a bio-degradable, environmentally safe way to eliminate the pests.

Need a Pantry

Buy an inexpensive tall 5 shelf bookshelf, (got mine for 35 dollars at Walmart) cover the front with a curtain, (hemmed it necessary) instant pantry. Great for small kitchens. I never had room for bulk items in mine. This has been a great solution for me.


General Information:Also known as Cyanoacrylate and Krazy Glue, this glue comes in liquid and gel form. Once cured both types form a strong, waterproof bond. Tools & Technique:Other than speciality removers, acetone is the only effective solvent of these glues. Try nail polish remover, as the main ingredient in many

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