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Need a Pantry

Buy an inexpensive tall 5 shelf bookshelf, (got mine for 35 dollars at Walmart) cover the front with a curtain, (hemmed it necessary) instant pantry. Great for small kitchens. I never had room for bulk items in mine. This has been a great solution for me.

Cleaning Silverware

This trick works like magic and kids love it. Aluminum foil Baking soda Salt Very hot water (can be boiling if you like) Combine the above ingredients in a clean kitchen sink. Put your tarnished silver and silver-plated items into the sink and let set for a few minutes. Watch

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Make a Pantry

Even if you don’t have a huge kitchen you can still have¬†¬† pantry. Look around your house. Do you have a basement, garage or even a closet? Decide on a place and use it! Hang more shelves if you need. But use it for when the bulk items at the

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