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Bathing a Ferret

Technique: I quickly learned that the best results come from being prepared. Gather the shampoo, conditioning rinse (optional), and towels at the bath site. A deep sink or a tub will work best, as anything too shallow will encourage escapees! Prepare a draft-free drying area—perhaps the floor of a ferret-proofed

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Aquariums & Fish Tanks

General Info: On (hopefully very rare) occasion, the aquarium hobbyist will find a need to “nuke” an aquarium – that is, to remove all fish, then thoroughly clean the tank and hopefully remove most of the parasites and parasites it may have contained. Such drastic measures are of course most

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Fish Tank Filters

General Info: Aquarium filters are marvelous devices, saving aquarists a lot of work as they collect waste products for easier removal. But that “removal” remains the hobbyist’s job, and one that should not be taken lightly. Nearly all filters, even so-called “biological” filters like undergravels and certain slow-flow canisters, perform

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Cleaning Aquarium Glass

General Info:Regularly cleaning the aquarium glass keeps the tank neat and attractive. Technique: Inside – Commercial pad-type scrubbers are abrasive enough to remove algae and other growths, but not enough to scratch the glass. The new, plastic blade scrapers are even more effective, but dull fairly quickly. Single edge razor

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